Who’s the 10th Facebook Friend?

6 Jun

Finally, I am in the final stages of editing my four-part documentary series for Transient Spaces. Today, all that is left to do is insert the music, adjust all the sound levels, and do a final editing check to ensure all edits are as “clean” as possible!

However before I upload the finished product, it has come to my attention that upon watching my Facebook documentary, viewers might wonder who is the “10th Facebook friend”. At the beginning of my first “Facebook Friends” video, a statement appears informing the viewer that ten Facebook friends were brought together for the filming of the documentary. However, anyone with good attention to detail will notice that only nine interview subjects appear in the actual videos.

Who is the mysterious 10th Facebook Friend?

Me, of course – the filmmaker.

In a slightly postmodern angle, I thought it would be nice to hint at the connection between both the filmmaker and and the participants. We are all Facebook friends, and are all equally involved in the production of this Facebook documentary. Whether viewers will notice this or not, I don’t know, but I like the idea that it references both the sub-community (between the 10 of us) and the larger Facebook community as a whole.


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