Upload issues

7 Jun

Okay, so my initial plan was to upload my documentary to a Facebook group that I had created about ‘Facebook Faux Pas’, but it has come to my attention that due to the nature of the subject matter, the participants of my documentary aren’t so keen for their comments to be seen by their entire network of friends on Facebook. In order to upload it to a Facebook group that could then be shown for assessment, I would need to make it “public” and I don’t think this would be appropriate.

My second choice for uploading them was video-sharing site Vimeo, however this is also not feasible, as for free members they have a weekly upload limit of 500mb – and my 4 mini documentaries well and truly exceed that!!

So now I will be uploading my videos to YouTube! I am not overly disappointed with this, as I think they still have the potential to reach a wide audience on YouTube, and YouTube has allowed me to upload them at the highest quality. I have created my own YouTube “channel” called “FacebookFriendsDoco” and all videos will be able to be accessed there.

**** I am having to edit this blog, because it has just come to my attention that the videos which I have uploaded to YouTube – the sound is out of sync with the vision during the middle of each! I have no idea why this is, as the finished copies are perfectly in sync of my computer… clearly YouTube has altered them in some way! So now I am paying to become a unlimited member on Vimeo, and uploading them to it… fingers crossed it works for me!!


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