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“Facebook Friends” Part Three: The Facebook Persona

8 Jun

This is the third of four videos in the “Facebook Friends” documentary series. This video explores the concept of “The Facebook Persona”, identifying the effect of the Facebook community on personal identity.

“Facebook Friends” Part Three: The Facebook Persona from Annabelle Clark on Vimeo.


New Filming Style Ideas

2 May

After lengthy deliberation as to where and how I am going to film the interviews for my “Facebook Friends” documentary, I have finally made a decision.

I am simply going to film each “Facebook User” in their own personal “space”.

What I mean by this is that I am going to film them in an area, chair, or position where they feel most comfortable and where they may normally partake in the activity of using Facebook. My reason behind this is so that the viewer will get a greater sense of each interview subject’s personality, and a greater sense of the context in which their opinions have been formed.

In the editing process, I will add titles beneath each subject to inform the viewer of their name, occupation and Facebook status. In doing so, I hope this will also add more context to each participant and the answers they provide within the documentary.